AFT Model 7 is the newest member in the full range speaker world by Teramoto san, the ex-feastrex speaker designer.
AFT model 7 uses a pure iron magnetic circuit, stainless steel frame, and hand crafted washi papers.
In the USA, the same paper can be seen at art museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Boston's collection of Hokusai paintings uses the same paper.

No chemical paint. No plating.
In the past, we tried gold and other plating. But having dissimilar metals does something: they did not sound good.
No paint on pure iron had much better results. However, it was not easy to prevent rusting.
We found an organic, effective way to protect it: the Urushi( Japanese natural paint) finish!

The outer frame diameter is 199 mm (7.8"). The moving assembly is very light and weighs almost the same as the typical 5" washi speakers. The washi edge is very soft.

AF model 7 is now in our show room. Please contact us at sales@onecaudio,com to arrange for an audition.